The girls and women GEMS serves are at greater risk now and we’ve adapted to mitigate this increased risk. Current Obsession provides the participants a variety of opportunities to strengthen both their creative and business development. Finally, it concludes with an exhibition during OBSESSED!

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Small group meant we could get to know each other and were able to ask questions. Our captain was great fun and she gave insight into local life. Ads — and whether they want to add to their balance of gems by doing so .

For a day, the gallery will turn into a space full of unexpected encounters and new ideas inspired by a collective conversation piece that will emerge during the evening. Crafting conversations is a social gathering around the joint of craft. During the upcoming edition of Stockholm Craft Week, Undisciplined will launch with a series of informal in-depth conversations — Social Clubs that will take place throughout the city of Stockholm. Crafting Conversations is a podcast developed by Veronika Muráriková in collaboration with Current Obsession.

In addition, not all securities will have the characteristics discussed in this release. Before investing in any Fannie Mae issued security, you should read the prospectus and prospectus supplement pursuant to which such security is offered. You should also read our most current Annual Report on Form 10-K and our reports on Form 10-Q and Form 8-K filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) available on the Investor Relations page of our Web site at and on the SEC’s Web site at Users will be able to trade their gems for different functions on the network or within the app itself, or trade them for bitcoins on an exchange.

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Measurement protocols are coming soon for all project-scale, tier 1 and tier 2 metrics. Developing measurement protocols for program-scale metrics was not within the scope What is Gemz Social of this project, but we explain how these types of metrics might be measured in the future. Are you struggling to come up with content for your social media and blog?

These methods include identifying community demographics, integrating equity questions into existing surveys, hosting workshops and focus groups, and engaging in community and participatory mapping. There are other equity considerations that are not addressed by the GEMS resources – see other equity considerations. Program scale metrics are for cumulative, regional scale results and often need to be measured or modeled for a suite of projects by a third party. Program scale measures can also be developed by aggregating project scale data. Our team is bursting with advice and expertise to help you with all areas of your business. From content ideas for social media to branding tips and tricks.

Gemz Social

For our work, we focus on the outcomes of the intervention. Likewise, equity includes the distribution of costs in such a way that there is not an unnecessary or disproportionate burden placed on any group, and especially marginalized populations. For each metric, we recommend using a combination of several methodologies, depending on the project type or metric of interest.

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A total of 100 million GEMZ were created in the genesis block. 50% are available for pre-sale, 8% goes to the development team, 12% is used for promotional giveaways, and 30% is distributed through Airdrop. Airdrop distributes about 27,500 GEMZ daily to users based on their GEMZ stake and on how many people they bring onto the network. According to Koinify online, the promotional giveaways are reserved for community contributions, third party developers, and bounties. And, the development team funds are distributed amongst developers, marketing and community outreach, and a legal contingency fund.

Get a local’s perspective on Copenhagen as you cruise through Copenhagen’s canals on this guided tour. Get a deeper insight than most visitors to Copenhagen. Considering and delivering equity in the context of environmental management interventions is multifaceted, and can include both the process and the outcomes of intervention.

Gemz Social

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the experience’s start time, the amount you paid will not be refunded. For a full refund, you must cancel at least 24 hours before the experience’s start time. Credit card companies promise to keep our funds secure, and Facebook promises to protect our privacy.

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When a centralized organization makes mistakes or fails, the organization can pass the costs of its errors and bad decisions down to its customers or users, protecting itself. In this way, companies don’t have to earn the trust of their customers because centralized organizations hold all the power. This program was initiated through the Little Rock Police Department in 2015 after noticing a rise in juvenile crimes committed by female youth between the ages of 12 to 18. There was a desperate need to address this problem by providing a program that would target middle and high school girls who are recruited by the officer or recommended by school administration and staff. Research and development (R&D) metrics are not fully established, or required data are not readily available.

  • The tapered baguette cut highlights the even blue-green tone of this sapphire, making it perfect for a statement jewelry piece.
  • We want to support our young women who are parents and need to provide the basics for their children.
  • For a full refund, you must cancel at least 24 hours before the experience’s start time.

When asked a couple of questions from the other guests she did not have the knowledge to answer. Since it is a very simple tour in a closed area it would be nice to receive more interesting information. It’s a small group and you get to know the people traveling with you. The tour guide Luna was personable and knowledgeable and made the tour fun.

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Have an idea in mind for a project, or want to discuss how we could help you grow your business? Go ahead and share what’s on your mind so we can talk the correct steps to work toward reaching your goals. To help us prepare, we are asking that you pre-register online. A limited number of complimentary copies of the commentary will be made available to participants on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Gems can be used anonymously because the service only requires an alias by default. And, people are rewarded for inviting their friends through Airdrop. The applicants will develop a series of new works, based on their previously formulated project plan. The works will be exhibited and published as a part of phase 3 of the programme. Current Obsession will support participants through a financial contribution as well as offering talent guidance throughout the process. Gems also aims to use the Counterparty protocol to protect its users from the risks that go along with centralized social networks, including loss of control over personal information and loss of privacy.

Users may also opt out entirely to experience an ad-free social networking environment. Of control, it ensures user privacy — no personal information is required to participate — and it will reward its users for its success. This new paradigm has the potential to change the current structure of business. Gems — like Byrne’s proposed asset exchange — will operate for the benefit of users, rather than the other way around. The G.E.M.S. Program is a free program that teaches self-respect, empowerment, social responsibility, academic achievement, and life skills for girls ages 12 to 18. COVID-19 is reshaping life for all of us, but it’s taking the greatest toll on communities that were already vulnerable prior to the start of this pandemic.

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It isn’t often that we see a perfect specimen of a teal sapphire cut to precision in a an adaptation of a classic cut. The tapered baguette cut highlights the even blue-green tone of this sapphire, making it perfect for a statement jewelry piece. We cut our own carefully selected roughs at our Thai factory. Our team ensures that each stone is given its due diligence by cutting it to bring out the best in the gemstone. The tour was ok, you don’t leave an area that is relatively small. Our tour guide a female that had just started a few months back at the job was very nice but not very informative.

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