Lifdel Project – Food For Good

First of all hello and welcome everyone, members of the jury, my beloved team mates, thanks for this opportunity to present an idea that we came up with a long time ago, before we even decided to participate in Hult prize. So without further ado here’s our pitch.
Our project is called LIFDEL pronounced (lyfdel) in english and means

اللي فضل in daridja. Everyday we throw away tons of left over food but still one major nutrition component is wasted beyond belief, yes you guessed it : el khobz. Last year’s statistics indicate that we threw away 123 million baguette! Do you know how much bread  that is? It is enough to reach the moon in just 7 years… Can you picture this? One single country wastes in less than a decade enough bread to reach the moon (and yes I had to measure how long a baguette is to do the math x) ).
So what is the solution? Should we tell people to stop wasting bread? That’s not going to work because it’s such an essential that even if each household wastes a little we will still end up with piles of bread in the trash. Should we sell/make less bread? That’s not going to work either and I’ll let you imagine why. So again what is a good affordable solution to this huge problem? We believe we have it and in the next few slides we will be explaining it to you Min detail

  • Citizens will throw their leftover bread in a nearby trash, something that they already do.
  • Our beautifully designed trucks will pick up the said bread and nothing else.
  • The trucks take the bread to what we like to call LIFDEL factory, bare with me this is where the magic happens, LIFDEL factory is a bread compost factory meaning it turns bread into an organic fertilizer. And trust me when I tell you this process is so easy and low cost that we tried it at home and made excellent quality fertilizer.
  • The fertilizer will be sold to farmers at such reasonable prices because making it was very low cost.
  • Farmers will use it to fertilize their land organically and thus a better harvest.

Originally this was where our plan ended i mean we solved the bread waste phenomenon, we created jobs, we gave farmers good fertilizers at such a low cost. What more could we ask for? Well since this is HULT PRIZE we wanted to bring our A game so here comes the second part of our project:

We already know that a bunch of other participents are going to pitch ideas about making the Sahara desert plantable or taking advantage of the remaining plantable lands we have left to feed more people and end famine, the Sahara idea although seductive it is expensive and therefore kind of unrealistic and the other idea is realistic and could actually work but will destroy our environment because it demands that we cut of thousands of trees and our environment doesn’t need deforestation, it needs saving. So again what can we do to produce more food to feed people without planting more land? We simply need to maximize the amount of food produced by already existing lands, how do we do that? Smart farming, for those of you who don’t know smart farming I’ll give you an example: a bunch of censors are put into the ground indicating where water is needed and where it isn’t, saving us water and money and giving us better harvest. That is why we decided that a big percentage of the benefit made by our entreprise will go into smart farming investments.

To conclude, what did we solve?

– we ended bread waste.

-we created jobs.

-we made excellent quality organic fertilizers with reasonable prices that better the harvest.

-we maximazied the potential of our already existing lands without harming the environment.

Isn’t that good? So isn’t that food for good?.

This is been our pitch for a little project we like to call LIFDEL


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