My first morning in heaven

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My first morning in heaven

The feeling of feathers on my cheek slightly tickles me as the sunlight brushes over my eyelids slowly
waking me up from my restful sleep, opening my eyes to the sight of the lover I once lost to a car crash
and refused to remarry after losing him, he’s holding my hand in his, he’s still sound asleep, I tuck him in
before I walk out of our lovely little house made of forest wood. In front of me a river of shining water, I
think of a way to cross it and suddenly a beautiful boat made of straws decorated with flowers from the
wilderness appears out of nowhere, I go on it and it smoothly sails me to the shore on the opposite side.
There I see a field of long yellow sunflowers, gardened in a way that my late grandma would appreciate,
she’s there my grandma! tending to a sunflower, she looks young, she calls out my name “ Sarah, come
over to my house I made you your favorite food!” I smile at her and nod. I hear a giggle coming from
behind the sunflower field, I recognize it as my mother’s giggle, I run following the resonance of the
giggling sound, she’s here my mom! She’s jumping in a muddy puddle and laughing like a little kid, she
never had a good childhood I guess that was her deepest desire, to laugh and play like a child. And look
at my dad standing next to her, smiling at her as she jumps so giddy and cheerful. I don’t think I’ve ever
seen my dad not worried about taxes, my dad’s grey hair is no longer grey, my dad looks healthy, my
dad looks satisfied, my dad looks happy. I guess that’s the promise of peace, that one day after a long
life we will meet each other again. I look up to the sparkling sky above my head and whisper “Oh Allah is
this for real? Do I get to live eternally this happy with dear Messenger of God, Muhammad, peace be upon him ?”. My alarm clock suddenly awakens me from what
… seems to have been a wonderful dream, I seem to have dream of what could be my first morning in heaven

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