The Story of the Girl whose prayers are never unanswered

The Story Of The Girl Whose Prayers Are Never Unanswered

The Story Of The Girl Whose Prayers Are Never Unanswered

Allah never turns her back.

Five year old me once asked Allah for a win in a ball throwing contest that she had going on with the neighbourhood kids so she ended up winning. Seven year old me asked him for a strawberry cake as her birthday cake and on the evening of her birthday, her dad came in through the house door carrying a glazed pink cake. Eight year old me asked him for a family car so that she could sit in the passenger seat without being told no by taxi drivers, a few months later she was being yelled at by her mom about how dangerous it was to be this young and in her dad’s front car seat. Eleven year old me asked him for her mom’s wellbeing when she was about to go into delivery, and not only did her mom come out safe, Allah generously also blessed her with the most beautiful baby sister who would grow up to become her best friend. Sixteen year old me was tired of failed female friendships so she asked him for a genuine friend, not long after he introduced her to Meriem, who remains her friend to this very day. Eighteen year old me asked him for good grades in college, so he exceeded her expectations and gave her the laureate spot. Twenty two year old me struggled with depression so she asked him for help, only for him to have her meet an excellent therapist and grant her with enough financial support to afford medical care. But when twenty three year old me met the man of her dreams and ran to Allah asking him to turn this stranger into her husband… He turned her back empty handed. She thought that he must have been so mad at her to have her go through so much heartbreak and separation hurt. Twenty three year old me knew she was far from being a perfect Muslim but she still found it cruel to be denied the thing she wanted most up till then, especially knowing how easy it is for the vreator of the heavens and the earth to grant that wish. The only logical explanation would be that Allah saw it fit for her to feel miserable, right?

If you asked 23 year old me this question she would tell you that she was robbed of the most beautiful gift that life has ever given her, but if you asked now me she would tell you that Allah saved that girl who was too blinded by young love to see the evident derail from her morals and religious beliefs that this haram relationship was leading her towards. When the last thing she did before going to bed turned into checking if that man had texted her goodnight instead of reciting Shahada, Allah the most Loving broke her heart so that his beloved slave doesn’t go down that path, he saved her from losing herself even if it meant tearing her heart into shreds for he would mend it back together for her, and through that she discovered that no love is greater than Allah’s love for his righteous slave. He pulled her out of the depths of a sinful pit hole letting her skin bleed all the way up while dragging her not because he wanted to hurt her but because she wouldn’t let go of the delusion that was so stunning to look at, Allah simply knew that she was incapable of reaching the surface on her own because she naively was drowned in infatuation disguised as true love and empty promises and so he took matters into his own hands SWT.

Allah loves her, because he chose her to save, Allah never leaves her prayers unanswered, sometimes in ways that she doesn’t understand but surely he never turns her bac

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