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To choose is a tricky thing

To choose is a tricky thing 1

We humans tend to overthink before making decisions, to think is natural and totally necessary but to overthink is harmful beyond belief. When overthinking we contemplate every single possible scenario or so we think we do. Us human beings are by nature incapable of having enough knowledge to predict all possible outcomes, and even if we did have the latter, we would still have no power over how we would feel once we got what we thought we wanted. So wouldn’t it be nice to actually have a ruling knowledge over everything that might happen? That seems like a divine power to have, and it is indeed

One of Allah’s names is the All-knowing, to be All-knowing is to have knowledge of every big and little thing that takes place in the universe (And beyond) and since the universe is theorised to be infinitely vast then that knowledge must also be infinitely vast, Allah the All-knowing has infinite knowledge, so wouldn’t it make so much more sense to let him guide the path since he knows the outcome of everything? The positive answer is the correct and obvious one and that is why Muslims make Duaa (prayer) to the All-mighty asking for guidance. However many of the followers of the Islamic faith claim to have asked Allah for things and yet he didn’t grant them their desires, or even asked him to keep something safe for them but he ended up taking it away from them instead. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about Duaa, to make Duaa is to ask for guidance rather than for a specific thing, if a person badly wants to get hold of something, they can and they must ask Allah for it, but they should have it in their minds that Duaa isn’t a fast delivery service, jis name is the All-knowing; meaning that he knows things that we don’t, so it is very possible that we might ask him for something that unknowingly to us could lead us to our demise. However he our Lord, The most loving would never let a servant that turned to him when he wanted something walk towards his said demise, and so he strays his servant away from it which might be confusing to him, and that is exactly why one must have utter and complete faith in Allah’s narrative even if it doesn’t look identical to what we hoped for

إقرأ أيضا:في معارج الروح ..

So turn to Allah, tell him all your wishes and desires whether it be in this life or the next but never sit waiting on an answer to come your way, instead go on with your life worshiping him

The Creator will not disappoint you with his generosity and wise guidance and InshaAllah you will end up getting far more than what you have ever hoped for, all because you chose him to ask and trusted his great judgement

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