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Translation from Arabic into English – Session I

Translation from Arabic into English

Translation from Arabic into English – Session I. First of all, Translation must be taught as an art and science. It is the most wonderful conversion process. Thanks to Translation movements that linked our nations and offered us billions of valuable bits of knowledge and thought. It lighted our mind and our world with the candles of translated science book, literary works and human activities.


Translation from Arabic into English

Any good translation should read like the original text. This means that the readers must feel that the source text (ST) is so close to the target text (TT). In addition, the translators must be skillful enough to bridge the gaps between the source culture (SC) and the target culture (TC). In this context, some translation scholars maintain that a translator must not translate either words or sentences but he must take up and reproduce thoughts and feelings. Therefore, Translation from Arabic into English is not easy but it is delicious.

To translate Arabic literary texts

Translation from Arabic into English - Session I
Good Translation looks like the souce text

To translate Arabic literary texts, in general, you must have special skills, techniques and culture-based knowledge to translate the texts or speeches perfectly and eloquently. However, translation is a process of paraphrasing and rewriting that can repress innovation in some cases and pay the translators to transliterate or imitate when they face complex cultural, linguistic, pragmatic problems. So, translators must have a greater awareness of the world in which they live.

إقرأ أيضا:Earth was my first love

Accordingly, high quality translation requires translators’ deeper understanding and wider knowledge of both the source and target cultures and languages. So, literal translation will be a wrong choice all the time. But in some cases it may be correct but please do not follow this approach all the time, albeit you were intending to do a linguistic bloody battle causing many victims everywhere. Finally, welcome to the world of Translation from Arabic into English.

اختيار الشعبة انطلاقا من الجذع المشترك علوم وتكنولوجيا
الدراسة في أكاديمية زاد
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